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6. September 2011

„Brain Death“ is Not Death! – english website

von Wasserwerk


Essay – At a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in early February

„Brain Death“ is Not Death!

In medicine we protect, preserve, and prolong life and postpone death . . . Our goal is to keep body and soul united. When a vital organ ceases to function, death can result. On the other hand, medical intervention can sometimes restore the function of the damaged organ, or medical devices (such as pacemakers and heart-lung machines) can preserve life. The observation of a cessation of functioning of the brain or some other organ of the body does not in itself indicate destruction of even that organ, much less death of the person.

Dr Paul Byrne

By Paul A. Byrne, Cicero G. Coimbra, Robert Spaemann, and Mercedes Arzú Wilson